Fuggler™ Gift Set - Mug, Stickers and Two Greetings Cards

Mrs McGettrick's Fuggler Emporium



  One Fuggler Mug. Thanks to the latest cutting edge mug technology, it boasts an ergonomic handle, specially designed to allow you to hold liquids aloft, and transport them to your mouth hole, with just one hand! This leaves your other hand free to engage in such activities as:

  • Pointing at people you don't like
  • Typing like one of your older relatives, stabbing each individual key with a finger as if if had done you some grievous harm
  • Licking your finger and touching food to claim it as yours.
  • Shadow puppet rabbit. 

  One Pack of Fuggler Stickers, designed by Squirl Art. Sticky and Glorious. 

  Two A5 cards. Please mention in the notes which ones take your fancy. Insides deliberately left blank, out of spite, to force you to think of something original to write - except for the bacon and coffee cards. Inside those it reads "But I would resent you for the rest of your life".


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