"If I had to choose between you and coffee" card and envelope by Mrs McGettrick. A5.

Mrs McGettrick's Fuggler Emporium


  Outside of card reads: If I had to choose between you and coffee, I would choose you. 
Inside reads: But I would resent you for the rest of your life

And that, folks, is the secret to relationships in a nutshell. Compromise. And then leveraging that compromise over the following decades to win arguments. 

  This card is a lovely, satisfyingly big A5 size (148 × 210 millimeters) because if you give people small cards then you quantifiably don't love them as much.  However, if you live overseas, I do sell it in a smaller size so you can avoid paying the higher postage fees.  

  The card comes with a free, complimentary envelope, because I am nice like that, and also because it's kind of expected that cards come with envelopes but if I don't expressly state that to be the case I will probably get questions about it. It's also sealed in a cellophane wrapper.

  It's printed on very nice, heavy 350 gsm card too.     

 (Card also available in BACON sentiment)

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