International post version (smaller size) "If I had to choose between you and coffee" Card and envelope by Mrs McGettrick. A6.

Mrs McGettrick's Fuggler Emporium


  Outside of card reads: If I had to choose between you and coffee, I would choose you. 
Inside reads: But I would resent you for the rest of your life


And that, folks, is the secret to relationships in a nutshell. Compromise. And then leveraging that compromise over the following decades to win arguments. 

  This is the smaller, international-post friendly size card in A6 (105 x148 millimetres). You can still buy the larger A5 version if you live overseas because (as everybody knows) the bigger the card you give the better a person you are, that's just plain science, however the postage ends up more than the card and that would make me grimace so I'm giving you an alternative. 

  The card comes with a free, complimentary envelope, because I am nice like that, and also because it's kind of expected that cards come with envelopes but if I don't expressly state that to be the case I will probably get questions about it. 

  It's printed on very nice, heavy 350 gsm card too. 

  (Card also available in BACON sentiment)

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