Mr Buttons Fuggler Enamel Keyring - 50mm

Mrs McGettrick's Fuggler Emporium


If, like me, you just have a whole bunch of loose keys rattling around inside your handbag at any given time, puncturing the apples and denting the chocolate you also hide in there, let me be the first to introduce you to new fangled keyring technology. Thanks to the latest design breakthrough, it is now possible to store ALL YOUR KEYS together, in one place. Impossible? No! Simply add the keys to the appropriately named "key ring", and gone are the days of pulling individual keys out of your pocket in sequence until you find the correct one. With the time saved, imagine what you could do! Learn Morse Code! Write a book! Intend to write a book but actually just browse Reddit and then discover another year of your life has gone by! 


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