Fuggler™ Seed Necklace

Mrs McGettrick's Fuggler Emporium


  One wild and woolly night, I met up with the maverick geniuses at Sugar & Vice. As you can no doubt imagine, having three artistic types in one place was dangerous. There was red wine, and a duel with swords. A melancholy song wavered on the air. Someone coughed into a bloody handkerchief. A glass of whisky was smashed into a fireplace on an hourly basis, and paper was dramatically screwed up and thrown into an overflowing bin. Sarah played violin, silhouetted against the window. Matt pounded a clenched fist against the wall. We also watched a film on Netflix about an angry fireman taking on some kind of nazi thug. That was the *worst*. It nearly broke us.

However, we survived, and at the end of the night, amongst the wreckage (both physical and metaphorical) lay a solitary item of jewellery.



A Fuggler™ Seed necklace.

Pertinent information: the charm itself is acrylic. Cut with LAZERS. (This is what the future looks like). It is approx 60mm tall (2.5 inches). The chain is 18 inches long, and silver plated. It comes in a little organza bag, and will be posted out in a cardboard box to keep it safe. If I see you wearing it in public I will do a happy dance.

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