Custom Loved Up Fuggler - MADE TO ORDER. 25 cm tall.

Mrs McGettrick's Fuggler Emporium




*Stuffed with stuffing. Product does not contain any actual love.


A loved up Fuggler™, brimming with romance, and poetry, and teeth. If you would like a small amount of embroidery on the heart, just add a note in the comments when you checkout. I'm pretty bad at embroidery, but I don't charge you for it, which brings to mind that old adage about getting what you paid for.

  You can chose the colour of felt you want. I have a lot of felt. An abnormal amount of felt. Chances are I can oblige your requests, unless you go too whimsical on me. I also have a few different eye colours (green, blind, brown, light brown, blue) so if you have any strong desires on this front, speak up. 

  I was once told I needed a hobby. This is what happened. The moral of this story? Be careful what you wish for. My house is filled with these creatures now, and my husband has a sadness about it all. Sometimes he rocks back and forth, eyes staring into the distance. They're in my dreams. They're in my dreams, he sighs. Dancing on the back of an alligator, felt fists clutching bleached bones, while above it all the sky burns. What does it all mean, wife? What does it all mean?

I've called them Fugglers. You may call me Mrs McGettrick.

Your Fuggler™ will be sent in a presentation gift box, and will also have a Fuggler™ branded button bumhole. The sign of authenticity. I had to order like a lifetimes supply of these buttons, so take your time to run your finger lovingly over the engraving.

SMALL PRINT: Mrs McGettrick's Fuggler™ bears are not toys. They are adult collectables. Mrs McGettrick's Fuggler™ Bears are not suitable for children, as there is a risk that small parts could come loose and present a choking hazard. Colours may vary from the photographs, due to monitor settings, flash, and my inability to use a camera. Mrs McGettrick's Fuggler™ Bears are made in a house containing a cat. A cat who pulls out her own fur in an attempt at shocking nudity, and who walks like Nosferatu. If you have cat allergies, I might suggest you avoid buying from this shop. Mrs McGettrick's Fuggler™ Bears are not suitable for people who don't appreciate teddy bears with uncannily realistic teeth jutting out from their mouths. Mrs McGettrick's Fuggler™ Bears are not suitable for people who have ever harboured a suspicion that toys can come alive at night.

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